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Hi! I'm Carey Niekrash and I used to do weird sh*t with food.

One time, I ordered 30 days worth of a once popular pre-packaged diet food plan and I ate it all in 2 days. I've eaten cake OUT OF THE GARBAGE after I threw it away because I couldn't stop eating it. I had an ex-boyfriend lock up his snacks so I wouldn't eat them because I couldn't trust myself alone with his food. I've started every single diet out there. I've binged until I couldn't physically move countless times. I've ran for miles and miles to "burn off" the damage I think I've done. I ran in the middle of the night, in a snowstorm, and even in a hurricane all to punish myself for what I had consumed.

I've done weird sh*t with food.


At some point along the way, I got the memo that the more I tried to control my food (i.e. DIET), the more I was going to binge. It made perfect sense – that WAS my diet: don’t eat, don’t eat, don’t —BINGE. The more I controlled my food with a diet – the more I binged – the more I hated myself.


It took time for me to give up the grip that dieting had on me but it also become more and more clear that this WAS my cycle – restrict, restrict – BINGE.

Eventually I was so fed up with myself and the diet roller coaster I was on that I just couldn’t keep going. 

I hit my rock bottom. I couldn’t keep spending all of my waking hours worrying about food, creating my next diet, exercising for hours on end and suffering the painful binge that always came as a result.


I’ve now been recovered from weird food shit for many, many years. Learning to eat according to my hunger signals and accept my body as it is took time and patience but has been one of the most liberating experiences of my life.

After I learned to listen and trust my body, I cleared up so much time and headspace to pursue my dreams and passions.

I fell in love (with myself and a wonderful man), got married, started this business which fuels my fire every single day and I was able to accomplish my greatest dream of all which was becoming a mother.

I now travel, see the world and actually enjoy the little moments. I do not stress over how I am going to fit in exercise while on vacation. I do not worry about dieting leading up to a beach vacation. I can dip my toes in the water and breathe in the salty air and actually, truly just be present and thankful in that moment.

I eat what I want and when I want it. Surf & turf with a glass of red wine? You bet. Nachos and margaritas on a random Tuesday? Of course! A donut just because I feel like it? No big deal.

After making these changes in my own life, I developed a passion for helping others stop doing weird shit with food too — if you’re over it like I was so many years ago then make sure to join my FREE 5 day course: Over It! Ditch the Diet, Smash your Scale and Find your Food Freedom.

You can also check out my coaching services page here if you know you need more support.


More about me:

I received my training as a Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program.

I received additional training from the incredible Isabel Foxen Duke who became my mentor and go-to source for all things regarding body acceptance. She changed my life and made me a much better coach and person.

I was born and raised in Connecticut but after college I lived in South Carolina, NYC, Iowa, NJ, Washington DC and Boston all before settling back on the CT coast.

I received my biology degree from the College of Charleston in South Carolina (Go Cougars!)

I’m married to a smart and talented Brazilian man (sadly my Portuguese is still terrible)

I’m a very proud mom to my baby boy Bowie and fur-mom to a retired racing Greyhound named Lady Ginger

One time I decided to take a random day off from work and go Skydiving all by myself (I am a secret adrenaline junkie)

I adore the ocean and plan to live next to it forever.

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